Our School Uniform

The school has a strict uniform code of plaid skirt / navy blue trousers and blue sweatshirt, cardigan or jumper with the school logo. White  shirt and a school tie (compulsory for Years 3 to 6) and black shoes. We do not allow children to wear trainers as part of the uniform. Hairstyle must be an overall even cut for boys with no shaved patterns. Girls hair should be of a reasonable style and accessories kept to a minimum and blue in colour.

In P.E. children must wear black shorts and a plain white T-shirt, and plimsolls or black trainers in KS2

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Code of Conduct

Staff have high expectations of pupils both academically and socially and everyone works closely together to ensure that all the children reach their potential. The children benefit from a warm and caring, yet firm approach. All parents and children are asked to sign the school’s behaviour policy which outlines expectations and outlines the school’s approach to transgressions.

We aim to reward the achievements of our children, and to this we have a weekly “Achievement Assembly” in which children from each class are recognised. Each half-term a child from each class is presented with a “Gold Star Award” and their names recorded in a special book kept in the foyer.

Outings and Journeys

St James the Great is part of the community of Peckham and the Parish of St James. We have been   involved with the local community in many ways.   The staff meet regularly with other schools and their teachers on INSET courses and as part of the effective schools programme.

The children visit the local shops, the South London Art   Gallery, the swimming baths and areas of interest such as the Surrey Docks Farm. Local museums are visited frequently such as the Cummings Museum, the Livesy and the Horniman as well as the museums in Central London e.g. The Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Science Museum.

Fund-raising activities, social evenings and school productions enable the school to recognise its sense of community and bring together staff, parents, children and other agencies to celebrate events during the academic year and the work of the school.

St James the Great celebrates its sense of community at many times throughout the year, at Christmas with our play and on   Feast Days when we celebrate the Eucharist with our Parish. The local clergy provide a vital link through the Religious to the wider Christian community to which St James the Great belongs.