St James the Great Catholic Primary School

September  2022

Dear Parent / Guardian,

Welcome back to a new academic year and Autumn Term 2022. We are looking forward to another full and exciting year ahead. We hope to maintain and   further develop the rich curriculum which is at the heart of school life at St James the Great.  

We are delighted to let you know, that even in these increasingly challenging times for school finance, we will be continuing the specialist music provision which benefits all classes as well as ensuring that every child in Y5 & Y6 get the opportunity to learn how to play a brass instrument and perform as part of an ensemble. We will also continue our specialist Dance and Mandarin teaching and we will continue to look for excellent opportunities for the children to show off their skills in music and dance both within our own school and parish community and beyond.

Our Financial Education programme continues to be a strength, the school being a Centre of Excellence for this and we hope that the new academic year will encourage new, younger members to join the School’s Saving Club; it is a very real way of teaching your child about the value of money in these increasingly challenging times. We believe that even though we love being in our school, there are amazing opportunities for the children to learn and experience from: in our local area; London; and indeed, further afield. We describe this as building the children’s ‘cultural capital’ as well as their resilience.

We continue to play our part in our local community with our association with Peckham Citizens. Through this organisation the children learn at first-hand about the values of our democracy here in Britain and the fact that they can help to influence real decisions.

At the outset of this new year we are already looking forward to the many exciting opportunities that we hope will be part of this years’ experience of St James the Great including: school journey for Y4 & Y6; our sailing programme; and hopefully Tower Water Music Festival, this along with being able to invite you into school for assemblies and parents and carers, workshops and meetings. We know all too well that we can only hope and pray for these things. We are a very special part of a very special parish and as such we will always look for ways to bring us all closer to the love of God. That is always our greatest ambition for every year.

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Home Learning Resources:

Visit our home learning page for a plethora of fantastic links and downloads for parents and children to have some fun learning time at home. 


Year 5 Stubbers Adventure Centre

Click on the link below to follow our Year 5 children as they embarked on a wonderful adventure to the Stubbers Adventure Centre.


Dance – Modern Maypole

Year 5 & 6 children from St James the Great working with artists ‘Isabel+Helen’ in July 2021, creating a modern take on the Maypole Dance…


UPDATE (COVID): Here is a letter to all parents about how we will work together to keep our school community safe.  Also check out our Policies Section for other actions related to Covid-19.


The Wednesday Word:

Here is a link to The Wednesday Word. Please take time every week to share this with your children.






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