St James the Great Catholic Primary School

School Update 3rd September 2021

Dear Parent / Guardian,

We are very much looking forward to welcoming the children back to start a new school year next week. The school will reopen for all children on Monday 6th September and we hope and pray that this year will be a healthy one for all our community. The school day will return very much to normal, similar to the way we were at the end of the July, however we have an added complication this year with restriction to our school entrance because of the adjacent housing development (see below).

Flaxyard Site development – entrance to school.
The Main Entrance to the school on Peckham Road will now be the only entrance for the immediate future.

Start Times and morning entry

Monday 6th September:

Nursery children and one Parent or Guardian will be allowed to enter the school site from 8:40. The adult can accompany their child through the main playground to the Nursery gate entrance in time for the start of class at 8:45am sharp. Adults must then leave the playground and make their way off site.

Reception children and one Parent or Guardian please come to the playground gate at 9:15 where they will be met by a member of staff and some older children who will be their ‘Buddies’. On Monday the children will learn where they will line up in the morning.

Years 1-6 children only enter the main gate from 8:45 the playground gate will open at 8:50 and classes will line up at 8:58

Start Times and morning entry from Tuesday 7th September

As above, but with Reception children entering school as all the other older classes

End of the day routine

All classes will be collected from the playground.

Nursery from 3:20 Year R to Year 6 at 3:30.

There will no longer be a queuing system in place, however exit from the playground will still include the route through the carpark to ease the pressure on the narrow playground gate.

Uniform and PE Kit

We will expect all children to return to school in full school uniform and children will continue to come to school in PE kit on the designated day(s). We pray that, with the help of God, we will have a safe, happy and successful year of learning ahead of us all.

Home Learning Resources:

Visit our home learning page for a plethora of fantastic links and downloads for parents and children to have some fun learning time at home. 

New prospective parents at St James the Great for Reception Class 2021

Here is a list of frequently asked questions FAQs. If there is anything else that you would like to know please contact us by email:

UPDATE (COVID): Here is a letter to all parents about how we will work together to keep our school community safe.  Also check out our Policies Section for other actions related to Covid-19.

The Wednesday Word:

Here is a link to The Wednesday Word. Please take time every week to share this with your children.







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