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Our Governors:

  • Ms Janice Babb–  Executive Headteacher
  • Mr John Bonnici– Staff Governor
  • Miss Hawa Campbell– Foundation Governor
  • Ms Deborah Duke– Parent Governor
  • Miss Abisola Ekerin – Foundation Governor, Co-Vice Chair
  • Miss Cecilia Johns– Foundation Governor, Co-Vice Chair
  • Ms Jessica Lamb – Foundation Governor
  • Ms Diane Lillis – Foundation Governor
  • Mrs Jane McManus– Foundation Governor and Chair
  • Mr Michael Moore– Foundation Governor
  • Ms Donata Semeraro – Parent Governor
  • Mrs Mariam Thanni Shofolahan – Foundation Governor
  • Mr Benjamin Washington– Associate Member

Finance and Resources Committee:

  • Diane Lillis (Chair)
  • Janice Babb, Mariam Thanni-Shofolahan, John Bonnici, Deborah Duke, Benjamin Washington, Abisola Ekerin, Jessica Lamb
  • Denis O Regan and Sue Robinson (Observers)

Parents, Parish and Community Committee:

  • Hawa Campbell (Chair)
  • Janice Babb, Cecilia Johns, Jane McManus, Mariam Thanni-Shofolahan, Donata Semeraro,
  • Denis O Regan and Sue Robinson (Observers)

Standards and Curriculum Committee:

  • Cecilia Johns (Chair)
  • Janice Babb, Hawa Campbell, John Bonnici, Deborah Duke, Abisola Ekerin