Strategic Statement for Financial Education

Strategic Statement for
 Financial Education

St James the Great Catholic Primary School is incorporating Financial Education into its curriculum.  We believe it is an important life skill that will enable the pupils in our school to have an understanding of money and how to plan, save and budget effectively, now and in the future.

The importance is exacerbated by the presence of several payday loans businesses in Peckham, offering the opportunity to avail easy credit but with crippling repayment plans. Many people, particularly those living on low incomes, find it difficult to access mainstream financial products such as bank accounts and low cost loans and often turn to loan sharks and doorstep lenders with serious consequences. For these families, debt can have a disastrous effect on their health and wellbeing. We believe that Financial Education, from a young age, will ameliorate this situation.



Financial Education in the most part will be found within the context of Mathematics and PHSCE and where relevant in other subject areas as well. We strive to provide a planned, coherent, programme of Financial Education for all learners, through organising programmes with support from Young Enterprise, our local Credit Union, banks, local businesses and other organisations.

Staff will support financial inclusion priorities through early intervention and educational approaches aiming to create positive and proactive partnership with parents. The school, with the help of the Young Enterprise team, will provide opportunities for both our staff and pupils to evaluate their learning and the Financial Education curriculum offer which we will continue to review, edit and adapt.

With the planning and reviewing of our provision of Financial Education every year, we believe the pupils at St James the Great will be confident with money matters and will leave primary school with a good knowledge and understanding of Financial Education which they can build on in their further educational journey.