In Science we provide opportunities for all pupils to develop an understanding of the key concepts outlined in the National Curriculum Programmes of Study, by exploring their use in different areas. These include the natural and physical sciences, environmental issues, technological applications and also personal hygiene related matters.             

At St James The Great, we believe that the investigative process and an understanding of its applications are necessary in order for the children to have a strong structure in which to accumulate scientific knowledge.                                 

We encourage children to raise questions rather than accept facts unchallenged. We believe in promoting the ability to predict, hypothesis, observe and measure. Careful manipulation of variables to perform a fair test and evaluation of available evidence are also essential investigative skills to foster in the primary classroom.         

Above all, we attempt to engender the enjoyment and excitement of discovery and the ability to solve practical problems, while at the same time developing an awareness of the moral dilemmas in society which scientific advances may cause.

We believe that we must encourage our pupils to be responsible members of society, and to develop a healthy respect towards themselves, others and all living plants and creatures in our world.