Religious Education

Religious Education

Religion is a relationship, a relationship of love between the child and other people, in a community of thankful witnesses to  the love of God. Religious Education fosters this relationship through daily prayer, Acts of Worship and Celebrations of Liturgy.

As a Catholic School we feel it is important that children learn how to co-operate with others, and forgive others. Scripture, teachings of the Church and teachers’ own witness and example are the means by which these are taught.                                           

Links are made with the pupils’ own experiences and with universal experiences. Links are also made with the experiences of other faith traditions.

The RE Curriculum is taught through the ‘Come & See’ Scheme’, but a much wider religious education is offered through the child’s experience of our school life and community.

The programme is both ‘objective’ and ‘subjective’. It presents a systematic presentation of the Christian event, message and way of life, in contexts appropriate to the age and stage of development of each child.                 

Our Parish Priest regularly visits the school and dialogue between the school and parish provides a vital energy that enriches the whole community. We constantly strive to create more dynamic ways of witnessing and developing our faith.

Our school supports the children’s sacramental preparations which are offered through the parish, most especially the sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion.