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Year 5 & 6 children from St James the Great working with artists  ‘Isabel+Helen’ in July 2021, creating a modern take on the Maypole Dance. This work showcases the excellent dance opportunities that all children receive as part of the school’s dance curriculum created by Natasha Khamjami our dance teacher .

The Prophet Jeremiah, Mary, The Innkeeper, Moses, angels, Angel Gabriel, St Jerome (who looked suspiciously like a Jedi), Caesar, Sarah, Satan, Salome, The Three Wise Men (or women, that’s a clue), Roman soldier, Jeroboam, a contemporary Catholic, Egyptian Queen, Shepherd and sheep, Adam and Eve or David and Goliath?

St James the Great Primary School were part of ‘Splash Anthology’ this year and performed at the Queen Ellizabeth Hall, Southbank on 11th July. The children received fantastic workshops (more…)

This will be next Friday and will follow the same pattern as the last two years. The afternoon will see a ‘fair’ when the older children will run stalls and activities for the younger children. Then at 3:30 we will have tables to sit at, some simple food and drink to purchase and some entertainment from the children. The social will run in the playground until 5pm.

Please come along and enjoy some time together at the end of the day with each other. Any money raised will go towards our school funds.

Thank you to everyone who kept our Year 6 children in their prayers last weekend. The children returned on Sunday evening after a packed weekend of dinghy and keel boat sailing, stand-up paddle boarding, raft building and crab catching, to mention a few activities!

It was an extremely busy few days and once again we enjoyed glorious sunshine for the annual trip to the Isle of Wight.

The children were brilliant and an absolute pleasure to be with too, so well done Year 6.

Today our youngest children, in the Nursery and Reception Classes start out on their journey…….to the seaside. We hope they have a lovely day and a safe return, tired and happy!

We are so very proud of our children and the wonderful Nativity performance that they played for us all recently. We have some amazing actors among us and some truly angelic voices.

We do hope that you were able to join us and that you loved the performance as much as we all did. We took some pictures after the show, which can be seen in the gallery below. Just click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

Here are some picture of our amazing choir singing on Peckham Square. The crowd gathering were extremely impressed with our fantastic children as they sang their hearts out. The Square was filled with the familiar sound of Christmas that we all know and love in this festive season.

We took some pictures of our choir, which can be seen in the gallery below. Please click on the thumbnails for a larger view.


This week St James the Great had an amazing visit from ‘Eagle Heights’. Eagle Heights is now home to one of the UK’s largest Bird of Prey Centres, currently they have a collection of approximately 100 raptors. This includes over 50 species, many of which are now breeding at the centre or can be seen flying in their daily demonstrations.

Eagle Heights have also become a wildlife sanctuary and house many different species of animals, including Meerkats, Servals, other mammals, Reptiles, Birds and more!

Eagle Heights is actively working on wildlife conservation here in the UK, centre based, full details can be found on their conservation page, and they are also assisting with conservation in West Africa.

To find out more, go to

What the Children thought:

Below are some quotes from the children about the visit.

My favourite bit was when the birds flew over my head! – Julia

I learnt that owls’ ears are completely different to our ears. They have one ear at the top of their head and the other on the bottom near their chin (Roxanne)

I learnt that it took only 16 weeks for the huge eagle to grow from a chick to an adult. – Ashley

The eagle had a wingspan of 2m which is as tall as Mr O’Regan – Emily

My favourite bit was when the eagle was flying, was flying over my head! –Jethro

I learned about the eagles talons. The eagle is a bird of prey and it eats other animals. This eagle used it’s large, sharp talons to catch fish. (Jo)


We took a few pictures during the visit, which can be seen in the gallery below.

Year 2 visited the South London Gallery this October. They saw an installation by Katharina Grosse called ‘This Drove My Mother Up The Wall’. This art work was painted at the South London Gallery with spray paint.

Year 2 then watched a video of North Korean performance art which involved up to 20,000 people making different shapes with their bodies. They then created their performance art after decorating themselves and other items using different materials. After that they created two big pieces of artwork that represented their performance art.