At St James the Great, our aim is that all pupils acquire the speaking and listening, reading and writing, skills to allow them to lead fulfilling and enriched lives.

In the Early Years, teaching focuses on speaking and listening and this is built on throughout the school as the children develop a love of reading and writing through opportunities ‘to read to learn’ and ‘to read for pleasure’ and to write for a range of purposes and audiences.

We use quality texts in all classes to engage and inspire children in both their reading and writing, and to ensure that they are filled with a love of literature and an ability to express themselves with clarity, creativity and imagination, both when writing and speaking.

Through the use of a wide range of texts, both fiction and non-fiction, we aim to engage and inspire all children and provide purposeful opportunities for them to develop their writing and reading skills and creating chances for discussion in order to build upon their speaking and listening skills.

We aim to make meaningful links across the curriculum so that the children can develop and apply their English skills in all subjects.