This week St James the Great had an amazing visit from ‘Eagle Heights’. Eagle Heights is now home to one of the UK’s largest Bird of Prey Centres, currently they have a collection of approximately 100 raptors. This includes over 50 species, many of which are now breeding at the centre or can be seen flying in their daily demonstrations.

Eagle Heights have also become a wildlife sanctuary and house many different species of animals, including Meerkats, Servals, other mammals, Reptiles, Birds and more!

Eagle Heights is actively working on wildlife conservation here in the UK, centre based, full details can be found on their conservation page, and they are also assisting with conservation in West Africa.

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What the Children thought:

Below are some quotes from the children about the visit.

My favourite bit was when the birds flew over my head! – Julia

I learnt that owls’ ears are completely different to our ears. They have one ear at the top of their head and the other on the bottom near their chin (Roxanne)

I learnt that it took only 16 weeks for the huge eagle to grow from a chick to an adult. – Ashley

The eagle had a wingspan of 2m which is as tall as Mr O’Regan – Emily

My favourite bit was when the eagle was flying, was flying over my head! –Jethro

I learned about the eagles talons. The eagle is a bird of prey and it eats other animals. This eagle used it’s large, sharp talons to catch fish. (Jo)


We took a few pictures during the visit, which can be seen in the gallery below.