Modern technology has become an important part of our children’s education. The computer has already become an established tool in classroom activities. It has wide-reaching effects in all areas of the Curriculum and in particular the National Curriculum.

In its use as a word processor, the computer provides opportunities for stimulating co-operative work, encouraging redrafting of work and close attention to expression, spelling and grammar, as a piece of writing reaches its final ‘presentation’ form.                             

The computer is also used for data handling – in the collection and storage of data and in subsequent presentation of such data in statistical and graphical forms, for classification work and for provoking investigations.   

We are also keeping pace with the new advancements in technology. All classes have at least three computers that are connected to the internet and digital cameras allow children to take photographs and send their pictures via the internet to other web sites.     

In I.C.T., as in all aspects of education, progression and continuity are of major importance. As the children mature they are encouraged to expand their knowledge and to consider the moral issues which arise in the use of I.C.T.