Our Governors

Governors of the Federation of St James the Great and St John’s

The Governing Body is constituted by an Instrument of Government made by the Archdiocese of Southwark. The Instrument sets out the categories, numbers and terms of office of governors:

1 Local Authority Governor

9 Foundation Governors

2 Parent Governors (one from each school)

1 Executive Headteacher

1 Staff Governor

2 Co-opted Governor


The Governing Body sets the strategic direction, the vision and the ethos of the school.  In doing so it has a number of key responsibilities:

  • monitor and challenge the progress of the school in achieving its priorities
  • recruit and performance manage the headteacher
  • exercise employer responsibility
  • ensure the school meets its statutory responsibilities
  • ensure financial probity
  • ensure the premises are well managed
  • report to the school’s stakeholders


The governors carry out these functions through its termly full meetings, visits to the school and the work of its three principal committees:

  • Standards and Curriculum (S&C)
  • Finance and Resources (F&R)
  • Parents, Parish and Community (PPC)

Other committees are put together to deal with other functions including the Pay Review Appeal committee (PPA), The Way Forward committee (WFC) and the Headteachers Performance and Salary Review committee (HTPSR).

Governors, along with staff members, who regularly attend meetings of the Governing Body and its committees must declare any business or personal interest that might influence any decision they may make especially in financial matters. Any governor with such an interest must declare it annually and notify the school of any changes that occur. Where there is a conflict of interest the governor must withdraw from the meeting and take no part in the discussions or vote. The agenda of each meeting requires governors and non-governors present to declare any interest they may have in any of the items to be discussed.


Name Term of Office Appointing Body/Category of Governor Position Held including membership of committees Business Interests including charity/director/trustee Governor role held outside Federation Close relationships with other member of the GB or school staff Attendance to July 2017
Janice Babb 2016-20 Headteacher S&C, F&R, PPC, WFC St Michael’s
Catholic College
Y – St Michael’s Catholic College N 3/3
Isabella Barker 2016-20 Staff Governor S&C, F&R, PPC nil   N 3/3
Ann Cutting 2016-20 Foundation F&R, HTPSR Co-chair of GB nil   N 2/3
Youssef Essaegh 2016-20 Co-opted F&R, WFC Finance Y – Harris Academy N 3/3
Ian Ford 2016-20 Local Authority S&C, PRA Independent social worker and trainer   N 2/3
Michael Glasson 2016-20 Foundation S&C, PPC Bacon’s College IS Manager   N 2/3
Cecilia Johns 2016-20 Foundation S&C, PRA nil   N 3/3
Jackie Joseph 2016-20 Associate F&R, PPC nil   N 2/3
Jane McManus 2016-20 Foundation F&R, WFC, HTPSR, Co-chair of GB nil   N 3/3
Michael Moore 2016-20 Foundation PPC, PRA nil   N 1/3
Mrs Mariam Thanni 2016-20 Foundation F&R, PPC nil   N 2/3
Benjamin Washington 2017-2021 Associate Member F&R ; S &C nil nil N 3/4
Hawa Campbell 2017-2021 Parent PPC  S & C nil nil N 1/1